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3rd week

Webinar: NEST

4th week

Webinar: DURA

3rd week

Webinar: Clúster Digital

4th week

Webinar: AECH

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3rd week

Webinar: MBB

2nd week

Webinar: Málaga TechPark

4th week

Webinar: Federturismo

1st week

Webinar: AECH

4th week

Webinar: NEST

1st week

Webinar: Clúster Digital

3rd week

Webinar: Federturismo

5th week

Webinar: NEST

2nd week

Webinar: MBB

Webinars on digital transformation, innovation, and technologies

Maximize Your Knowledge with Our Webinars

TOURISM4.0 is delivering thematic webinars with a panel of experts dedicated to discussing relevant topics to the tourism sector, with a focus on three main pillars: 

  • Industry perspective: Potential and opportunities of digital transformation across the whole tourism sector and value chain. 
  • Business SME perspective: Potential and opportunities of emerging technologies to help optimize productivity, enhance service delivery, and ultimately, ensure sustainability and increased profitability.
  • Public body/city perspective: Challenges, opportunities, and policy mechanisms for the development of smart, sustainable, and inclusive tourism destinations and ensure a long-term, sustainable, and innovative recovery of EU tourism.
Introduction and google tools

Training Program Introduction + Google Tools for Travel Operators

Learn how the training program will look, which topics will it be focusing on, and get to know Google tools for travel operators.

Date: 2023-04-18

Duration: 61 min

Partner: NEST

Lecturer: Valter Duarte

Social Media

Innovation for the Family-owned Business

Learn about the opportunities that social media give you in running a small business by Institute of Tourism , Zagreb, and Dubrovnik development agency DURA!

Date: 2023-04-24

Duration: 43 min

Partner: DURA

Lecturers: DURA and Institute of Tourism, Zagreb

Smart and intelligent

Travel intelligence and smart pricing management

Gain knowledge on travel intelligence and effective pricing management.

Date: 2023-05-23

Duration: 52 min

Partner:Clúster Digital

Lecturer: Carlos Cendra

Small and medium enterprises

New communication technologies in the tourism sector

Learn about changes in the communication paradigm, digitalization and digital transformation and learn about individualization and personalization of content.

Date: 2023-05-31

Duration: 61 min

Partner: AECH

Lecturer: dr. Domagoj Bebić

Safe 4.0 experience

Cybersecurity services and implementation

In this Cybersecurity services and implementation webinar learn about intelligence-driven cybersecurity services, risks in the digital world, partners in Cybersecurity, and journey to a safe 4.0 experience.

Date: 2023-06-15

Duration: 54 min


Lecturer: Miguel Ángel Prieto Cuenca, Manuel Velardo

Driving Revenue

A case study approach - From using digital tools to developing people

Watch a webinar from our MBB partner and learn how digital tools have changed their role as revenue managers and how important it is to have experience people managing these tools. 

Date: 2023-06-23

Duration: 34 min

Partner: MBB

Lecturer: Sue Adam, Hospitality Solutions

Promotion for innovation in tourism

Tools for Tourism SMEs in Digital Transformation

Today Tourism4.0 webinar brings you a story about promotion for innovation in tourism companies and a case study of successful stories of Malaga 

Date: 2023-07-10

Duration: 62 min

Partner: Málaga TechPark

Lecturer: Iván Cortés, Alfonso Cerezo Medina and Sonsoles Jimenez

Get on board and enjoy the revolution

Boost your Hotel turnover

In this Tourism4.0 webinar you can learn how to boost your hotel turnover thanks to artificial intelligence, dynamic pricing, automation, open API and plug & play solution.

Date: 2023-07-24

Duration: 40 min

Partner: Federturismo

Lecturer: Rino Vitelli, Bruno Strati

Environmental and social sustainability

Advancing environmental and social sustainability of tourism SME's through digitalization

The new Tourism4.0 webinar brings education about advancing the environmental and social sustainability of tourism SME’s through digitalization. 

Date: 2023-09-07

Duration: 62 min

Partner: AECH

Lecturer: Neda Telišman Košuta

Artificial intelligence and travel industry

How artificial intelligence is reforming the travel industry?

Tourism4.0 is back with one more webinar. In today’s webinar, you can learn how artificial intelligence is reforming the travel industry. 

Date: 2023-09-27

Duration: 60 min

Partner: NEST

Lecturer: João Freitas

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Overbooking management and customer retention

Tourism4.0 is back with new webinar – Overbooking management and customer retention. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are reshaping the tourism industry.

Date: 2023-10-5

Duration: 62 min

Partner:Cluster Digital

Lecturer: Josep Salom –  Advanced Data Analytics & AI Director at Clevertask

Collaboration, Conservation, Transparency, Responsibility, Respect

Participated Co-planning for a Sustainable Approach to Regional Tourism

In this webinar learn about participated co-planning for a sustainable approach to regional tourism. 

Date: 2023-10

Duration: 33 min

Partner: Federturismo

Lecturer: Francesco Tapinassi, Robert Kropfitsch

Navigating Change

Technology's role in helping SMEs thrive in a VUCA world

Watch and learn: what is a VUCA world, what implications does VUCA have for SMEs, how can technology help SMEs thrive in a VUCA world and mcuh more.

Date: 2023-11-10

Duration: 33 min

Partner: MBB

Lecturer: Enda Larkin, Dobiquity

The New Frontier

WEB 3 & Artificial Intelligence

Find out how can immersive technologies bring new ways of tourism and how can Virtual and Metatourism help to re-invent tourism. Also you will hear if extended tourism can help to create new business models and targets.

Date: 2023-11-15

Duration: 53,42 min

Partner: Nest

Lecturer: Mafalda Ricca