We have an owner’s team of entrepreneurs that is experienced and complementary, all have more than 20 years of professional experience and have almost 5 years of experience working together as a team. We have 6 professionals in our team that has experience in: 3 tech, 2 B2B sales, 2 finance, 1 marketing, 3 project management and all have worked in startups before. We have won 2 European awards/programs (The Journey and Telefónica Open Future) and 3 Brazilians (SEED-MG, INOVATIVA and StartOut Brasil).

Target: Travel agencies and/or Tour Operators

Fields of Interest: Develop environmental sustainability tools, Improve communication and digital marketing with customers, Improve Customer Experience

Provided Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Sustainability

Company Website: https://personal2travel.com/

Name of Responsible Person: João Marcelo Moreira Braga

E-Mail: joao.braga@personal2travel.com

Address: Spain

Country: Spain

Problem Description

The changes in the travel market and consumer behavior are shifting the travel industry extremely fast. These changes speed are being powered by the COVOID-19 and are creating a huge dissonance between what travelers want and what the travel industry offers. The profile of travel industry consumers is changing from the traditional tourists to travelers, and this profile shift is growing exponentially. Travelers are running away from mass tourism and overcrowding. They want to go as deep as possible inside their destinations' lifestyle and culture, have unique experiences that connect them with their passions, also demand that their travel cycle starts to be more humanized and personalized, and want that their trips become an opportunity to develop themselves and generate a legacy to the destinations they visited. This reality is growing demands for solutions that help travel industry organizations to treat travelers in a personalized way offering just what matters for each one of them in a one-to-one way and provide good trips legacy and development opportunities for tourists and local citizens.

Solution Description

We provide a hyper-personalization and intelligence solution that is embedded into our clients' websites. Our solutions improve our clients' knowledge about their customers helping them to develop a closer relationship, sell more and better, and increase customer loyalty rates. Our main value is the recommendations our AI-based engine do, so our clients can offer each traveler the most relevant destinations, information, and products offering a personalized travel journey. We provide an omnichannel solution that offers a unique, sequential, and fluid personalized travel journey. We integrate destinations and all the tourism stakeholders providing an omnichannel solution that offers a unique, sequential, and fluid personalized travel journey. We also give a dashboard that transforms data about tourists and its context in behavior analysis and strategic information. Another competitive advantage is our alignment with GDPR rules. Almost all personalization solutions use a passive perspective. They import, capture, and analyze users’ data without their permission. In our solution, we use an active perspective and do not use external information from users. Travelers are invited to build their trips in a personalized way and interact with our ludic interface to provide the information that will be used to generate their profiles and a personalized travel journey experience. For destination projects, we also help them develop 6 UN SDGs, improve SMEs growth integrating the local economy.

Maturity: 5

Impact: 5

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