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Currently we have already digitised more than 100 municipalities and more than 1500 points of tourist interest in Spain and we are starting in LATAM.
The COVID-19 raises a sanitary need, we provide the digital tool, without touching anything, plans, touch screens, audio guides, menus, etc.
Reactivating and promoting tourism in the city and local commerce through technology, generating an increase in economic wealth and employment, encouraging autonomy in tourist visits, consumption and the purchase of local products and services.
The advantage of our platform is that we do not sell the developed software, we provide it for digitisation and turn cities into smart destinations through a public-private partnership. In most of the municipalities our company directly subsidises most of the project, facilitating access to the same technology to any type of population.
OK Located has been selected by the demanding jury of the world’s largest technological innovation event, the CES in Las Vegas 2019, being one of the six companies representing Spain in this edition.
In 2019 we received the first prize of Andalucía INNOVATION TALKS of BBVA and Grupo Joly in the category of Commercial and Marketing innovation.
We were awarded first prize for the best technology company in Spain for the promotion of retail, especially in the rural environment, awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the FEMP Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.

Target: Hospitality

Fields of Interest: Improve Booking and Revenue Management, Improve communication and digital marketing with customers, Improve Customer Experience

Provided Technologies: Automation, Contactless, Data Analysis, Internet of Things, Online Sales, Other

Company Website: http://www.oklocated.com/en/home/

Name of Responsible Person: Enrique Lara Gómez

E-Mail: ceo@oklocated.com

Address: Spain

Country: Spain

Problem Description

GENERAL OBJECTIVE To develop a reference intelligence system for the tourism sector, maximising its access and dissemination. Improving the dissemination, virality in RRSS with recommendations and sharing satisfaction and experiences of visits made. PROBLEMS - One of the main problems encountered by citizens and visitors is the diversity of tourist APPs that exist in each destination, having to choose which one to download and every time they change area or town they need to change application. - Small towns cannot afford to have their own APP, and even those that already have them cannot update them to the latest trends and technologies, due to the cost involved as well as the technical maintenance of the App. - Currently, tourist applications use GPS to geoposition the user and provide information about the place where they are located with the following problem: when they are indoors, in narrow streets and other places where there is no GPS coverage, their APP does not work, and most Smartphones run out of battery after 2 or 3 hours of permanent use of the GPS. DIFFERENTIATION Bluetooth technology has solved these problems as it has 100% coverage in any place and does not consume battery of the Smartphones. The OK Located solution is a proposal that offers a direct communication channel and the possibility of visiting the cities being the protagonist of your destination, thus promoting Cultural Tourism, Nature, Shopping, Leisure and Gastronomy, etc. A SINGLE APP compatible anywhere in the world. REQUALIFICATION OF INNOVATIVE TOURIST DESTINATIONS. Promote a new model for tourist destinations characterised by their greater value proposition to the user, providing greater economic, social and environmental benefits.

Solution Description

We take up the Challenges to: Reactivate, Renew, Reinvent TOURISM, Promotion of Local Economy and PostCOVID challenges. Global Digitalisation of cities from a Public-Private collaboration model, integrating the different agents that coexist from the Smart Destination/ City perspective: citizens, businesses, companies and Municipalities. COVID-19 raises a health need, we facilitate the digital tool, without touching anything, plans, touch screens, audio guides, menus, etc. Ambitious Smart platform compatible and common anywhere in the world without the need to change application every time you are in another place and without problems of mobile coverage or GPS indoors.

Maturity: 5

Impact: 5

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