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Founders come from distinct backgrounds. Miguel Onofre has worked on an NGO and is a business management finalist, having handled administrative positions and tasks. Diana Ferreira is an industrial and management engineer, with an upbringing in the hospitality sector, she has a post-graduation in digital entrepreneurship and marketing. Miguel Clemente is doing his PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems and is the technical go-getter of the team.

The team is also complemented by two software developers, one UX/UI and one senior business developer. Together we are launching noytrall to the market as a hotel-tech startup to promote sustainability in hospitality.

We won the special tourism award in the AQUA+ awards from ADENE – Portuguese energy agency;
We won the “Discoveries 2021” open innovation programme, promoted by Fábrica de Startups;
We are in NEST (Center for Innovation in Tourism) Top20Startups as one of the most promising tourism startups to follow in 2022;
We received a pre-seed investment in December 2021.

Target: Hospitality

Fields of Interest: Develop environmental sustainability tools

Provided Technologies: Data Analysis, Internet of Things, Sustainability

Company Website: https://noytrall.pt/

Name of Responsible Person: Miguel Onofre

E-Mail: miguel.onofre@noytrall.com

Address: Portugal

Country: Portugal

Problem Description

Utilities, such as water and energy consumption, represent the biggest variable cost in hotel operation, up to 9% of global revenue. This consumption is directly related to guests. However, hotels don’t accurately measure guest consumption. Not knowing how much guests consume, to price the room, hotels use estimates of average consumption. On the other hand, guests have no idea how much they consume or what they are paying for. This lack of information creates imbalances between actual and average consumption, impacting hotels profit margins and situations where guests consume much more than they paid for or otherwise.

Solution Description

Noytrall provides a service for monitoring guest consumption that allows hotels and guests to know exactly how much they are consuming at the moment. The service has a decentralized, room-by-room monitoring system to measure guests' water and energy consumption. Through an application, hotels and guests can consult consumption and interact with an education system with gamification. We intend to educate and sensitize guests to adopt good sustainability practices and motivate them to be more sustainable, rewarding them through a set of experiences or sustainable products, provided through a network of partners. Through consumption we analyze the environmental impact of hotel and guest, informing them on their carbon footprint of each stay. Building a gamification system on top of the consumption and carbon footprint, we are incentivizing guests to adopt more sustainable practices. The digitalization of this sustainability component and its effect on raising awareness of the environmental behavior of users allows the creation of new tariff models for the hotel, with the introduction of sustainable tariff models where it is possible to decouple the consumption of guests from the hotel's base price. Also, we carry out consumption analysis to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement, allowing the design of strategies and implementation of sustainability systems and practices that reduce consumption and the hotel's environmental impact.

Maturity: 4

Impact: 4

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