Rain Technologies d.o.o. with Incrementum j.d.o.o. are affiliated companies introducing innovative technological processes and solutions to the market with enthusiasm, motivation and knowledge for 20 years. Research and development of innovative, applicable solutions is our strategy to gain clients’ trust. We plan, research, develop and introduce incremental, disruptive and Break-Through innovative solutions in various industrial segments.

The experience gained through many years of cooperation with key clients gives our team an advantage in market matches and our clients and partners a decisive advantage in choosing our service. Innovative approaches and solutions are our everyday life. Satisfied customers and partners are the key to our vision and the path to achieving our mission.

Mrs Nikolina Lučić, owner and director of Rain Technologies and Incrementum from Zagreb, a serial entrepreneur, studied at the University of Law in Zagreb, currently studying psychology at Kings College London with an interest in artificial intelligence management. Responsible for regulating intellectual property in innovation processes, she created a global network of company partners – research and development institutions, agencies and product development companies. Because of her communication with researchers, scientists, consultants and clients (private companies, hotel chains, public services, etc.), she has the expertise needed for a chief project manager, organisation and business arrangements.

Mr Alan Lučić, Director of Innovation, holds a degree in Marketing, Social Media and PR and a Master’s degree in Innovation and Business Creation from the Technical University of Munich and the University of California, Berkeley. He has key competencies in the areas of; Innovation, Marketing and Sales, Lean Start-up, Organization and Management, Internationalisation of Business and Monetisation. Besides, he gains certificates of global health knowledge from Yale University, innovation management from the University of Leeds, and Health Innovation with Imperial and Vlerik business schools. Alan is in charge of developing innovations and business models, emphasising the dynamics of adoption and diffusion of disruptive and radical innovation.

Our team complements a wide international network of external associates and partners with key expertise in various areas of science and business.

Target: Hospitality

Fields of Interest: Develop environmental sustainability tools, Improve Booking and Revenue Management, Improve communication and digital marketing with customers, Improve Customer Experience, Obtain and maintain quality of service parameters/improve automate operations

Provided Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Chatbot, Cloud Computing, Contactless, Data Analysis, Facial Recognition, Internet of Things, Online Sales, Virtual Reality

Company Website: https://www.nikky.eu/

Name of Responsible Person: Nikolina Lučić

E-Mail: nikolina.lucic@nikky.eu

Address: Croatia

Country: Croatia

Problem Description

Most digitalised solutions in the hotel industry primarily aim for improvements that benefit hotel management. Often, developers neglect the guests as end-users and underestimate their technological and digital skills. Besides, most software solutions use and process passive, secondary data, i.e. data generated after the end of the stay, such as the invoice, and therefore fail to respond and improve the guest experience and profitability. Resource management is usually done according to established patterns, often based on staff's subjective opinions. A few guests choose to comment directly on the service. Potential conflicts with staff can lead to unpleasant discussions, and that is something the majority of guests are trying to avoid. As the demographic structure of the guests is quite diverse, it is challenging to meet all the goals at all times without having a rational allocation of resources.

Solution Description

Today, when most guests operate mobile smartphones independently, the development of smart hotel systems should start right from the guest experience. The first idea of ​​our solution took into account a comprehensive analysis of the guest's experience and their exact needs. Our solution is a synergistic combination of the interests of all stakeholders, guests, hotel staff, and hotel management. Through a friendly user interface, the guest can make online check-in, bookings and orders, confirmations and payments with Face ID technology, anonymously evaluate the quality of all hotel facilities and services, manage personal preferences, e.g. allergies, F&B, activities such as wellness, sports, excursions or connect and meet with similar guest profiles. This way, the guest can directly manage the quality of their stay in real-time. The software will generate predictive patterns of guest needs based on primary data. Hotel management can create dynamic offers according to preferences, increase sales of goods and services, monitor guest satisfaction in real-time, and optimise engaging resources, especially F&B and staff while enhancing the guest experience and revenue.

Maturity: 3

Impact: 4

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