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According to the eVisitor system, 1,295,745 arrivals of foreign and domestic tourists were recorded in May 2022, which is almost three times more than in the same period last year, while overnight stays reached 4,885,336, which is two and a half times more than in May 2021.

Online travel agencies such as Booking.com or Expedia occupy over 50 percent of the booking market, but although hotel companies are in some way ‘forced’ to offer their facilities through online agencies, the trend of hotel companies investing in increasing direct bookings is becoming more significant. Direct bookings bring the highest revenue to hotel companies as online travel agencies charge large commissions on each booking and anonymize the guest in a way that they do not share their details and preferences with hoteliers.

That is why hoteliers are increasingly focusing on as many independent sales channels as possible, regardless of the development of online travel agencies. Own sales channels are extremely important because they influence the formation of prices, so there is a ubiquitous trend of investing in the development of own sales because in this way greater control is achieved and ultimately higher earnings.

Therefore, we have developed TourismInSky, a CRM solution that enables the independence of hotels and solves their challenges related to direct channels, i.e., unified communication that takes place through integrated channels.

We can really boast of InSky Solutions ’global successes, such as the award for Best European Cloud Service Provider for Horizontal Markets at the EuroCloud Europe ceremony held in Brussels. The EuroCloud Awards is a competition that identifies the most innovative and influential service providers. The first phase of the selection was held at the national level, and the national winner qualified for the competition at the European level together with the other national winners. Where InSky Solutions once again won and confirmed its dominance over competing solutions.
That first year, just a few days before the EuroCloud Awards, a Best Stay conference was held in Split where our efforts, ideas, innovation, work, and finally the solution were recognized by a renowned jury and where we were awarded the Most Innovative ICT Hotel Solution.

Recognition in the global market, through innovative products, InSky is successfully achieving in 2019. We were declared a finalist for winning the most prestigious European award European IT and Software Excellence Awards 2019 in the category Vertical Application Solution of the Year for TourismInSky solution. InSky is proud to be on the list of the world’s leading companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, which once again confirms the fact that InSky is committed to the global market and that it can compete with major global companies in terms of innovation and vision. The InSky Solutions solution was selected as Highly Commended.

On 25 years of existence of the technological media house VIDI, the first 25 solutions were selected which were professionally and thoroughly evaluated based on as many as 17 criteria by representatives of the Croatian Information Association and representatives of the media house VIDI. Among the 25 applications, the TourismInSky solution has found its place, which is another in a series of proofs that this is an extremely high-quality technological solution that needs to be paid attention to.

InSky is a proud holder of as many as two Travel and Hospitality Awards, i.e., the TourismInSky solution was chosen as the best CRM solution in 2019 and 2020 in Europe. LUXlife Magazine named TourismInSky the most innovative hospitality solution in 2021.

In 2021, InSky continues to win awards, this time from the Luxury Travel Guide for CRM Platform of the Year, thus confirming its expertise and from Corporate Vision Magazine for the best customer-centric solution in Croatia.

In 2022, Corporate Live Wire recognizes InSky and awards our company a prestigious award and first place for an innovative approach and demonstration of exceptional business performance, while the IT Europe Channel Awards included InSky in the final selection for the winner of AI solutions.

Some of the awards can be seen on InSky’s main webpage: https://www.inskysolutions.com/EN/

Target: Hospitality

Fields of Interest: Improve Booking and Revenue Management, Improve communication and digital marketing with customers, Improve Customer Experience, Obtain and maintain quality of service parameters/improve automate operations

Provided Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Chatbot, Data Analysis, Online Sales

Company Website: https://www.inskysolutions.com/EN/

Name of Responsible Person: Filip Nola

E-Mail: fnola@inskysolutions.com

Address: Croatia

Country: Croatia

Problem Description

We are a solution company, our solutions are proven, with numerous awards we have stimulated interest in our solutions from all major users, from all global companies in a growing number of industries. Our purpose, mission, vision, and strategy are towards the set goal of being the global number one in the digitalization of tourism and a global provider of solutions with which we are already regionally recognized. In 2020, the size of the global hospitality market reached 3486.77 billion U.S. dollars and was forecast to grow to 4132.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. In Southeastern Europe, InSky is one of the trendsetters in digital transformation, in a market worth approximately 300 billion U.S. dollars. InSky plans to seize at least 30 M U.S. dollars of the market by 2026, and 7 U.S. dollars by 2024. One of the main ways this industry is currently looking to streamline its goods and services is by digitalizing. Increased online food delivery has facilitated the digitalization of the restaurant industry, and now accommodation services are following suit. When executives in the global travel and hospitality industry were surveyed on the main business priorities of travel and hospitality companies in 2020, roughly half of respondents stated that “new technology to better serve customers and/or suppliers” was a business priority. We are currently the leader in the tourism sector in Croatia, with large hotel chains like Valamar, Maistra, Arena Hospitality Group, and Liburnia or slightly smaller but digitally very progressive like Aminess, Medora, Sunčani Hvar, Amadria Park, HUP Zagreb, HDR, Njivice Hotels and Camp Resort, Remisens Hotels and Villas, Hoteli Metropol, Hoteli Cavtat, Jadranka Turizam, Jadran Crikvenica, HTP Orebić, HTP Korčula which are of course pioneers and the adoption leaders of Customer Experience solutions, we are embarking on new markets and are increasingly present in the region like Serbia and Slovenia.

Solution Description

For medium-sized hotels, large hotel chains, middle-class and high-class hotels, and for luxury hotels, direct sales are quite a challenge. It includes several communication channels - voice channel (phone calls), communication via text messages, e-mail, via the website and social networks. The guest can select any channel for communication, while the user of the solution sees the guest through multiple channels and recognizes him and can see the history of interaction with the user. In this way, the user of the solution with the collected information tries to maximize the amount of satisfaction that the guest will gain after using the service. Clients can also choose the contact center module for individual sales with Chatbot and Mailbot , B2B sales module for agencies and groups, loyalty program, marketing automation, mobile application, etc. TourismInSky also enables automation of the sales and marketing process, as well as automation of work when using all communication channels. By applying innovative algorithms, the solution provides hotels with a better knowledge of guests and provides them with intelligent support in meeting needs and preferences. Such a level of advanced knowledge and relevant support not only strengthens the trust and loyalty of guests, but also directly promotes the direct sale of all additional tourist services and activities that the hotel has to offer.

Maturity: 5

Impact: 5

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