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As iMovo – www.imovo.com, we have been delivering customer experience management (CEM) solutions combined with Data Analytics solutions for over 10 years in various industries and in various countries. We can elicit from the experience gained in other sectors (external to tourism) to bring best practice into the conversation. We are also technology partners with the best platform providers that can be combined to provide an outstanding solution. These Technology partners include – Salesforce, Tableau, Zendesk, Microsoft, Qlik, Talend and Snowflake.
We can also bring strategic collaborations with Advisory/Consultancy partners who have specific experience in the Tourism Sector.

Target: Hospitality

Fields of Interest: Improve communication and digital marketing with customers, Improve Customer Experience, Obtain and maintain quality of service parameters/improve automate operations

Provided Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Chatbot, Data Analysis

Company Website: https://www.imovo.com.mt/

Name of Responsible Person: Joseph Casha

E-Mail: joseph.casha@imovo.com

Address: Malta

Country: Malta

Problem Description

Making the visitor (customer) experience as natural and seemless as possible irrespective of the communication channel being used (call, email, online, social). The problem needs to be addressed from all stakeholders - operators, regulators, service providers, human and technology perspectives. Addressing this opportunity (challenge) will enable the Tourism industry to be more proactive towards the needs of the visitors and improve the efficiency of operations. This will make it more competitive considering the rising costs across the globe.

Solution Description

One of the approaches that can be suggested is a 'best of breed' approach when a number of key platforms can be brought together to provide a holistic approach to the problem at hand. Defining and aligning on the 'key objectives' is a critical initial step to ensure that the right solution is designed to provide the Critical Success Factors identified.

Maturity: 4

Impact: 4

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