Our serial entrepreneur and second time founder and CEO, Vanessa Karel has gone from idea to reality more than once. She was recently named as a “100 rising Latinx founders to watch” and has received nominations to world-known competitions and incubators. She focuses on strategic communications and business development. Vanessa’s passion and persistence have helped her overcome the challenges of being a non-technical founder. Through Vanessa’s scrappiness and commitment, Greether is poised to make an impact for female travelers worldwide, she has managed to attract press interest, angel investors, partners and renowned advisors. Our Business Development, Patrick Fonzo, ex-Goggler brings his strategies as Partnerships Director at Google, he brings incredible value and experience for our business growth. Our tech lead Ignacio Belando has helped us build out an MVP that helped prove our market fit, he is constantly working on the future versions of our app.
We also count with two UX designers that are helping us create user journeys and testing the performance of our services and interactions with our users.

Target: Travel agencies and/or Tour Operators

Fields of Interest: Develop environmental sustainability tools, Improve Booking and Revenue Management, Improve communication and digital marketing with customers, Improve Customer Experience

Provided Technologies: Automation, Online Sales, Sustainability, Other

Company Website: https://www.greether.com/

Name of Responsible Person: Vanessa Karel

E-Mail: vanessa@greether.com

Address: United States

Country: Other

Problem Description

We are helping women navigate the world with fewer risks. 90% of women traveling the world share the same #1 concern= their safety From the other percentage of women not traveling already, the reason is due to safety concerns.from the rest of the women who aren't traveling yet, the reasons are the same. There is a huge market opportunity for female related travel, “solo female traveler” has become such a common term that Google has consistently reported a surge of over 3000% in the last decade for this trend. However, the safety concerns are poorly addressed and research shows that coming out of the pandemic, women want to travel more sustainably and more often but wish to have tools that can help them have both freedom and peace of mind. The tourism industry needs to speedily adapt to this market as women want to travel more consciously and safety is a persistent concern no matter what part of the world they intend to go to. Safety is one of the biggest factors considered when female travelers decide where to go.

Solution Description

Greether is a travel and safety platform that helps female travelers travel safer by connecting them to local women around the world. Through our marketplace, travelers can book "greeters" to navigate destinations authentically and safely. The interactions are personalized to each traveler, they can tailor their journey to what fits their interests and needs. From getting greeted at the airport upon arrival, to booking them for an outdoor experience that is relevant to the location. The platform targets two of the most important SDGs and sustainable UN development goals, which are to reduce safety risks for women and to increase income opportunities for them.

Maturity: 3

Impact: 5

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