The product has been implemented in one of the world’s leading banks, and has also been tested in state institutions and electricity companies with exceptional results. The data has been incorporated into the boards of all the companies we have worked with.

The team behind the project are experts in corporate reputation and artificial intelligence with experience in several IBEX35 companies.

The company’s partners include some of the most relevant international references in terms of corporate reputation and communication.

Target: Travel agencies and/or Tour Operators

Fields of Interest: Improve Booking and Revenue Management, Improve communication and digital marketing with customers

Provided Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Chatbot, Data Analysis, Online Sales

Company Website: https://roymo.es/

Name of Responsible Person: Chema Martínez

E-Mail: chema@roymo.es

Address: Spain

Country: Spain

Problem Description

We measure in real time all the opinion published in mass media and social networks and we classify it to know the reputation of a touristic destination and its perceived attributes. In addition, we can know the evolution of the real change in perception and compare it with other tourist destinations. This type of technology uses various types of artificial intelligence, works in real time and measures 100% of the information. It does not work on sampling like surveys or market studies. This information makes it possible to plan communication about a touristic destination and to know the real effect of the communications and marketing campaigns. We have deployed a pilot programme in other institutions and there is no similar product on the market.

Solution Description

Analysing tourist destinations allows for investment planning, knowing how they are perceived allows for better marketing campaigns, studying which destinations are associated with which holiday products helps to improve the overall strategy of tourism companies.

Maturity: 4

Impact: 5

The Tourism4.0 project provides capacity building, technology transfer, support and assistance programme for tourism SMEs to help them adopt and leverage emerging digital technologies to improve their productivity, sustainability and business performance.

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