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Earhart Solution is a worldwide pioneer in bringing blockchain solutions to the aviation ecosystem. Earhart Solution has the knowledge of the aviation industry, understands the customer and complies with the aviation regulations. Earhart Solution has made the first Aircraft phase-in using a blockchain solution, which in accordance to the customer had a huge positive economical impact. Earhart Solution has also be granted with the first place of the best Portuguese start-up from Born from knowledge and also the been awarded has one of the TOP 20 Nest Start-ups.

Target: Travel agencies and/or Tour Operators

Fields of Interest: Develop environmental sustainability tools, Obtain and maintain quality of service parameters/improve automate operations

Provided Technologies: Blockchain, CyberSecurity

Company Website: https://earhart.dev/

Name of Responsible Person: Luis Santos

E-Mail: team@earhart.dev

Address: Portugal

Country: Portugal

Problem Description

Earhart brings an innovative solution to solve the aviation problem of records management. These records currently lay down in centralized ledgers which doesn’t communicate, turning it into a manual process, susceptible to errors, lost or adulteration. Earhart Solution presents a modular solution which each aviation stakeholder can manage, share and connect their own records. A blockchain based system for management of aviation records, besides complying with the aviation regulations, have the potential to save billions in economical and human power to the entire ecosystem.

Solution Description

We are creating a de-bureaucracy tool for aviation. This will create a global aeronautical smart blockchain network which will allow an unprecedent automation in all the use cases and has the potential to bring huge positive economical and human impact for the entire aviation ecosystem.

Maturity: 3

Impact: 5

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