Dobiquity (www.dobiquity.com) is the 1st Digital Business Mentor for Tourism SMEs. We
digitise the continuous improvement journey to help global SMEs unlock growth. From a single, user-friendly platform we offer:

1. Direction
Our Proprietary Continuous Improvement Model covers 8 sections of business performance (Purpose, Direction, Culture, People, Customers, Processes, Sustainability and Results) with 80 Desired Outcomes defined for improved business performance. Our model helps tourism operators to define ‘Where do we want to be?’ in terms of business performance. We also offer an online diagnostic assessment against the model which helps operators to better understand ‘Where are we now?’ in relation to the 80 outcomes in the model.

2. Knowhow
Through an extensive online Knowledge Hub, with video and/or onsite mentoring, we help tourism businesses to work towards the key outcomes in the continuous improvement model. Through our knowledge resources, we help tourism operators to answer the question, ‘How will we get there?’ in terms of business improvement.

3. Data
We provide a suite of easy-to-use digital tools that help tourism enterprises to gather data to track continuous improvement. These tools include:

  • Customer Survey App
  • Mystery Shopper App
  • Employee Survey App
  • On-the-Job Training App
  • Checklist App.

By providing all these tools on the same platform, this makes it easy for Tourism SMEs to integrate digital tools into their businesses.

This combination of Direction, Knowhow and Data makes the Dobiquity offering entirely unique in the marketplace and allows tourism to self-manage the continuous improvement process to unlock growth.

Target: Hospitality

Fields of Interest: Improve communication and digital marketing with customers, Improve Customer Experience, Obtain and maintain quality of service parameters/improve automate operations

Provided Technologies: Cloud Computing, Data Analysis, Other

Company Website: https://www.dobiquity.com/

Name of Responsible Person: Enda Larkin

E-Mail: endalarkin@dobiquity.com

Address: Ireland

Country: Other

Problem Description

Continuous Improvement is essential for any enterprise, especially SMEs, and requires three things: Direction, Knowhow and Data. Tourism SMEs struggle to access all three elements: 1. Direction Recognised quality or continuous improvement models are often too cumbersome and/or expensive for Tourism SMEs to apply. 2. Knowhow Sources of information to improve their business, when free or subsidised , are fragmented and difficult to access. Paid sources are usually too expensive for Tourism SMEs (i.e., Consultants, Content Paywalls etc.,) 3. Data Tourism SMEs lack real time, actionable non financial data to drive continuous improvement. This makes continuous improvement very challenging for Tourism SMEs and is a big factor that means many struggle to gain competitive advantage.

Solution Description

Our solution is the 1st Digital Mentor for Tourism SMEs.

Maturity: 3

Impact: 5

The Tourism4.0 project provides capacity building, technology transfer, support and assistance programme for tourism SMEs to help them adopt and leverage emerging digital technologies to improve their productivity, sustainability and business performance.

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