We are right to solve this problem because not only do I, as the founder, have a solid background in software engineering and product management, but I own a vacation rental home that I rent to guests on Airbnb. Thus, we intimately understand the painpoints of our target customers and can address and allay these issues based on firsthand experience.

Target: Hospitality

Fields of Interest: Improve communication and digital marketing with customers, Improve Customer Experience, Obtain and maintain quality of service parameters/improve automate operations

Provided Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Chatbot, Cloud Computing, Contactless, Internet of Things

Company Website: https://www.concierge.bot/

Name of Responsible Person: James Silva

E-Mail: james@concierge.bot

Address: United States

Country: Other

Problem Description

We are solving not only the problem of creating smart, useful AI concierge assistants for hospitality in order to improve efficiency and quality of service for hotels and property managers, but we seek to create AI assistants who speak in the “brand” and tone of our customers. This is an important problem to tackle as the hospitality industry currently faces staffing shortages and travelers have heightened expectations around automation and contactless services post-COVID.

Solution Description

Our solution, ConciergeBot is an always on, 24/7 white label AI virtual concierge for vacation rentals and boutique hotels, offering the luxury of a branded concierge service to guests over SMS, WhatsApp and voice at a reasonable price. Ours is the best solution because of our omni-channel and personalization/customization capabilities which set us apart from other chatbot providers.

Maturity: 5

Impact: 4

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