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Because we can offer a unique combination of competences: technology, team, people. In fact ours is a state-of-the-art technology, adopting Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis. This would not be sufficient without our multidisciplinary Team: aiming to take in consideration human factors, our experienced and highly skilled software experts are not enough, we also need psychologists, sociologists and marketers to properly address what we are expected to deal with. Last, but absolutely not least, the People. We count, in our community, with more than 100.000 contributors in Europe, ready to support and help with the tasks that we are supposed to complete. These are real customers, with different profiles, attitudes, ages. This is why we profile them in depth, in order to be sure that every contributor is able to carry out the task and could add its own bit of information to the global picture.

Target: Hospitality

Fields of Interest: Improve Customer Experience

Provided Technologies: Automation, Other

Company Website: https://www.claritergroup.com/

Name of Responsible Person: Giancarlo Celentano

E-Mail: giancarlo.celentano@claritergroup.com

Address: Spain

Country: Spain

Problem Description

We live the economy of experience, where market rewards companies that can establish strong relationships with their customers. Those are companies that can offer an excellent experience. Tourism is a peculiar segment where physical interactions with customers are crucial, but also the digital ones. This is the reason why Tourism has been forced to take the Digital Transformation path but, due to its specific interaction with customers, it is mandatory to bear in mind that those using products or services are normal persons, with their desires, passions, fears. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to take care of the human factors when designing, developing and testing a new digital product or service, in order to deliver the best possible experience using those services. Furthermore, it is vital to take under control digital reputation since it costs a huge effort to improve reputation and it is quite easy to “lose the face” just because of some comments or reviews not left in the “traditional” repositories, but leaving comment on the social network, app store, etc… We offer support to companies in taking in due consideration the point of view of the customers when designing, developing and testing digital products and service. We can do it, using our state-of-the-art technology and our multidisciplinary team, which includes technical profiles but also psychologists, sociologists and marketers. But what makes us different, we can rely on our Crowdsourcing community, the largest in Europe, counting more the 100.000 people. Thos e are real customers, perfectly profiled and ready to help giving their opinion on what is better and what is not, testing products and services, contributing in defining needed requisites for a successful service. We bring the voice of the customers when taking decision to design and execute new services.

Solution Description

Definitively yes, it is the best because combines technology, expertise and the voice of the real customers.

Maturity: 5

Impact: 5

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