There are three main problems that are our focus: compliance with safety measures, booking/reservation of places and real time control of public spaces and/or events. Businesses like resorts, beach bars need to comply with different and multiple security measures to host clients – there are waiting lines and social gatherings that prevent the client from making the most of his free time.
Clients can book their place when they arrive or in advance, and request products or services to be delivered straight to their location. The municipalities and local authorities, or any citizen before leaving home, can check the real time occupation of the space and/or event.

With Boser, you can be outside safely, with a platform that promotes social distancing so you don’t have to put your life on hold. Our goal is to allow carefree enjoyment of going outside while still maintaining social distancing practises, with no compromise to fun.

Although this is a solution for Covid impacted businesses, we find meaning in Boser for a post-Covid world, because we look for safety and comfort, and these words are always on top-of-mind.
We’ve started our company back in April 2020 and were funded by the European Commission in September. Since then, we haven’t had the right conditions to go beyond a first MVP, that we were able to execute and demonstrate successfully in S. Pedro Moel, at the end of the summer period.

We’ve won 1st prize on a regional Tourism startup contest in 2020 and been selected as the only portuguese startup within Madeira Startup Retreat 2021.

We’re actively organizing additional demonstrations of our solution and have gathered a great deal of interest from businesses and municipalities, not only in Portugal, but also abroad. We are a solution for a post-Covid world, and we’ll be ready for the next steps, now the situation normalized..

Target: Hospitality

Fields of Interest: Improve Booking and Revenue Management, Improve communication and digital marketing with customers, Improve Customer Experience, Obtain and maintain quality of service parameters/improve automate operations

Provided Technologies: Automation, Contactless, Online Sales

Company Website: https://boser.pt/

Name of Responsible Person: Sérgio Martins

E-Mail: sergio.martins@boser.pt

Address: Portugal

Country: Portugal

Problem Description

Boser creates temporary addresses to connect people to goods and services while at public spaces and events, allowing businesses and delivery platforms to reach an even bigger audience.

Solution Description

Our project was built around being served on beaches. Since then, we’ve developed an beneficial solution for other different businesses: city fairs, municipalities, festivals, and others. We believe that Boser can be incorporated in businesses that manage a great flow of costumers daily and are unable to work under normal conditions due to Covid restrictions. Boser allows Covid-impacted businesses to make a successful recovery. Our goal is to allow carefree enjoyment of going outside while maintaining social distancing practices, with no compromise to fun. In the end businesses and delivery platforms will reach an even bigger audience. We deliver a comprehensive system that supports local economies, unlocks new business opportunities, and allows real time control of events/spaces occupation. Not only the occupants going to theses spaces and events will be able to use a web-app to reserve their place and order products and services straight to their location, but also the events organizers, beach bars and restaurants managers, resorts and hotel managers, municipalities and authorities will be able to use a web-app (specially designed) to check and control the occupation of their space or event, add or edit places available for clients complying with the distancing measures required and serve their customers directly at their place, providing a safer and more comfortable environment.

Maturity: 3

Impact: 5

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