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We’re a young SME emerging from AI Center Lipik in Croatia, where like-minded entrepreneurial and tech-skilled people gather and collaborate. That surrounding is a great boost to creativity and motivation, and the pool of technical knowledge as well as business knowledge from the Center’s incubator are a great asset in our goal.

Target: Travel agencies and/or Tour Operators

Fields of Interest: Improve Customer Experience

Provided Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Other

Name of Responsible Person: Božo Lopižić

E-Mail: blopizic@gmail.com

Address: Croatia

Country: Croatia

Problem Description

Problem of ineffective communication in crowded (noisy) tourist destinations, between guides and tourists of different levels of language knowledge. The problematic situation is that, during guided tours, many wonderful information is misunderstood, poorly heard and/or forgotten, which dulls the overall experience and leaves a bad mark on the tour guide, company or the destination. It's a hard task to find tour guides versatile and skilled enough in different languages to fit every group, that's why there's need for "smart tour guide supplementation"

Solution Description

The solution is a great fit because it utilises cutting-edge modern technology as a supplement for the current situation, which means it only adds value without need for re-organisation of companies. The enhanced customer experience could possibly be achieved some other way, which could prove to be time-consuming, labor intensive, cost-ineffective... The solution is accessible via smartphones, which a vast majority of customers already use, especially during tours (for photographing). The solution is as follows: During a guided tour, when a point of interest is reached (a landmark), the tourists can point their smartphone camera to the landmark and get relevant information on their preffered language written on the screen. The information and landmarks are determined beforehand by the agency, and overlap and supplement what the guide is presenting. That way, every user is sure to get the same information in the language which they are most comfortable with. The element of gamification is through "collecting" all the landmarks.

Maturity: 2

Impact: 3

The Tourism4.0 project provides capacity building, technology transfer, support and assistance programme for tourism SMEs to help them adopt and leverage emerging digital technologies to improve their productivity, sustainability and business performance.

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