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Project summary

Tourism 4.0 - Capacity building and peer-learning transnational supporting scheme towards smart innovative and sustainable tourism

Project objectives

Digital technology for greater sustainability of tourism SMEs

Open Innovation Challenge

Mapping and identifying digital SMEs/startups with disruptive solutions to the tourism sector.

Funding Schemes

Providing assistantce to tourism SMEs in digital transformation and innovation uptake, through Innovation & Feasibility Assessment Projects, in cooperation with innovation service providers.

Mentoring and Assistance Programmes

Digital technologies skills upgrading, mentoring and assistance programmes run by technology/business experts to build capacity, know-how and technology transfer opportunities.

Smart Innovation Support

Supporting smart innovation and novel initiatives via partners from cross-disciplinary areas including ICT, digital technologies and sustainability.

Best Practices Promotion

Identification of use cases or flagship initiatives to demonstrate SMART tourism solutions to allow for cross-regional and transnational transfer of best practices.


Promoting workshops/webinars/conferences on new trends and routes for post-Covid recovery, including networking with public/private tourism stakeholders and investors.

WP1: Capacity building

Capacity building and peer-learning preparatory work: knowledge base, network, and innovation challenge preparation

WP2: Knowledge transfer

Design of the training support, knowledge transfer and assistance programme for technology adoption, acceleration and scaling-up

WP3: Open funding call

Open funding call to tourism sector SMEs & support scheme implementation

WP4: Evaluation

Evaluation of results & impact assessment: benchmarking, use cases & best practices

WP5: Communication

Dissemination and communication of project goals, activities and achievments with target groups and general public

WP6: Project management

Day to day project operations, coordination and reporting activities

Project Partnership

10 partners in 6 EU countries

Helping tourism SMEs unlock business opportunities through technology adoption

Technology is revolutionizing the way tourists are travelling, experiencing cities and new destinations. The Tourism4.0 consortium considers the development of digital business models in tourism SMEs a fundamental driver to boost competitiveness and sustainability in increasingly digital and customer-oriented markets, while acknowledging limited targeted innovation support on this subject. Therefore, Tourism4.0 consortium has been formed in order to close this gap and enable tourism SMEs to unlock business opportunities and benefit from the uptake and adoption of technology to improve their business models, services and products.