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Project is powered by the participation of 10 European leading innovation and tourism stakeholders, including organizations representing the tourism sector in 6 countries, with an aggregated membership base representing more than 20,000 travel and tourism companies in Europe (from small accommodation to 5 starts hotels, to tour and travel operators).


Federturismo Confindustria

Italian Travel and Tourism Federation which represents the companies operating in the different areas of the tourism industry. It belongs to the Confindustria system and currently includes 24 sector associations, 5 company members (directly associated) and several local associations. Members include all the major players in the market and in some case 100% of the companies in the business areas. Core members are: Hotels (all major players), Villages and resorts (all major players), Campings outdoors, Tour operator and travel agents (all major players), Managing group of the 2 airports of Milano providing all services and related activities, Thermal resorts (100% of the business), Convention centers, Transportation and car rentals (all major players), Sailing (all major players), Marinas, Beach resorts, Amusement and theme parks (all major players), Travel retail and duty-free enterprises, Ski lift operators (100% of the business), Entertainment, Airline Catering and Restaurant-Cafe.


NEST - Tourism Innovation Center

NEST – Tourism Innovation Center, is a nonprofit Association, born from a public and private partnership, that aims at becoming the one-stop-shop for digital transformation in Tourism at national level, providing support activities for the development of Advanced Digital Skills in order to increase the knowledge base for key areas, such as Artificial Intelligence or Data and Analytics. NEST is composed by its founders (Turismo de Portugal, Google, Microsoft, Brisa – Via Verde, Ana Aeroportos, NOS Telecomunica..es; Millennium BCP and BPI) and associates, both SMEs and enterprises / associations. Since its inception, the association has established extensive cooperation protocols, partnerships and collaborative projects together with other institutions, both national and international.


DURA - Dubrovnik Development Agency

DURA Ltd., the City of Dubrovnik Development Agency, is a professional and non-profit organization established by the City of Dubrovnik, whose primary aim is to prepare and implement EU-funded projects.

DURA offers individual advisory services for the preparation of projects covering broad fields, such as: tourism, SME’s, civil society, culture, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and environmental protection.

The agency offers a link between the city government and other institutions and organisations working on sustainable local development.


Cluster Digital de Catalunya

The Digital Cluster of Catalonia is legally recognized as an Innovative Companies Association (AEI), supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the Catalan Government, consisting of more than 60 members with diverse profiles (large companies, SMEs, universities, research centres and laboratories as well as public institutions) located in the Catalonia and Barcelona region. It was created as a meeting point and a network for start-ups, SMEs, large firms, and other entities to drive the competitiveness of the Catalan ICT sector, thereby emphasising a new business culture based on collaboration and open innovation. Cluster Digital social network model is based on the strength of the interactions between ICT companies, thereby generating synergies, knowledge, and projects among them.

Its main objective is boosting the culture of competitiveness and cooperation by generating projects and increasing the IT business and know-how of its members and become a reference of collaborative innovation both at local and International level.


Malta Business Bureau

The Malta Business Bureau (MBB) is run by the Malta Business Foundation (MBF), made up of seven senior officials representing its parent organisations, being the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA). The MBB is currently composed of two offices, the Head Office in Malta and a Representation Office in Brussels. The MBB represents its parent organisations in Brussels and Malta, by liaising directly with the European institutions, the Maltese Permanent Representation and with umbrella organisations such as BUSINESSEUROPE, EUROCHAMBRES and HOTREC on all policy and funding issues affecting Maltese business interests.

One of the main tasks of the organisation is to provide information to the Maltese Business Community with regards to EU Directives and Regulations related to their operations, while also keep them up to date with the latest development in the sphere of EU funding for business. 


Tourism Cluster of Extremadura

The Tourism Cluster of Extremadura aims to promote the development of tourism sector in the Extremadura region. It was established to create, foster and share business opportunities among/with members in the region and beyond, based on the development and execution of activities, measures and actions oriented to support and promote the economic interests of its members. It currently has 84 members with diverse profiles, having a total reach of approximately 500 entities just in the region.

It is an Innovative Business Association with a high commitment with innovation and cooperation, stablishing as objectives the promotion of the R&D in the region, support in cross-sectoral initiatives and internationalization; enhancement of entrepreneurship, collaboration and cooperation; as well as building strong partnerships between diverse stakeholders to exchange and generate new knowledge, synergies, ideas, business opportunities and joint initiatives.


Croatian Hotels Association

Croatian Hotels Association is a national non-profit association founded in 1992. Today it is the leading professional association in the hotel industry in Croatia. CHA mission is to connect hoteliers and to protect and promote common professional interests in order to increase competitiveness of hotels. Strategic focus areas are: professional initiatives, improvement of business regulation, cooperation with local and international stakeholders, HR and education, support to members, EU funded projects.  The association consists of more than 360 members (hotels), among whom are the top 10 largest hotel groups in Croatia.


Malaga Tech Park

Malaga TechPark (MTP), opened in Malaga in 1992, in an effort to promote regional technology development. Since then, it has become a great hub of innovative attraction in Andaluc.a and Europe, with both technology and innovation being key to its development. The complex is used for the creation and development of technology companies and as a research center, being an international benchmark and ecosystem for high-tech companies and entrepreneurs, and the primary location for foreign technological investment in Andalusia.

Malaga TechPark has been specially designed to house all types of entities dealing with innovation. The Technopolis is a point of international reference in terms of science and technology parks where the Information Technologies sector dominate, both in Research and Development, and the manufacture of equipment and services, with an innovative and environmentally friendly approach. Other sectors present in the park are energy, engineering, circular economy, industrial, agri-food, biotechnology, among others. 


Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce

The Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce is a business network committed to build an economy based on knowledge and advanced technologies. It was established to create, foster and share business opportunities among/with members in the Pomeranian region (Gdansk) and beyond. It is an experienced partner for building strong and dynamic regional links with municipalities and local government. It cooperates with SMEs in internationalization initiatives and with universities in support around training, sustainable development actions, R&D and innovative projects. As a Regional Chamber of Commerce, it supports local economy focusing on integration, exchange of ideas and education, building a platform of mutual actions and experiences integrating businesses, local governments and communities. Its membership base includes large corporations, SMEs and startups operating cross sectorial, including tourism and ICT sectors of Commerce, RPCC became the Leader of Pomeranian SMART Specialization in Health technologies for well-being and healthy ageing.


Wisdom Guardian

Based in the new European start-up scene, Lisbon, home to Web Summit for the next decade, Wisdom Guardian was kick started in 2019 by four entrepreneurial individuals who have put their combined experience and track record in (1) Machine Learning and Biometrics, (2) Privacy by Design and (3) Travel and Hospitality Products and Business Growth, to deliver the next big global tech disruption: Biometrics in Things™ (BiT).

Starting in the hospitality industry with the YooniK16 solution, we believe to be on a glazing path to become the de facto standard of a trusted Hospitality & Retail Identity, providing immersive and seamless customer experiences which are truly unique. YooniK allows guests to interact on-the-move with intelligent IoT devices to prove who they are and acquire services or be granted access. BiT™ technology can be embedded and made ubiquitous in essentially any environment. Whether you want to seamlessly check into a hotel room and access the buffet breakfast lounge, pay for goods with a loyalty card, pick up your medicines at the pharmacy, enter your rental car: just face the camera and go!