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Pills of knowledge

What is pill of knowledge?

Small unit of explicit knowledge

A knowledge pill is a short, concise piece of content provided to the user in a quick and efficient manner. 

Pills include the following subjects:

  • challenges and opportunities of the tourism industry’s digital transformation
  • presentation of good practices for boosting the innovation capacity of tourism entrepreneurs, especially SMEs
  • use of digital technologies for SMEs operating in the tourism industry
  • integration of the tourism SMEs in the global digital value chain
  • digitalization as the driver of growth for tourism businesses
  • digital solutions to find new business opportunities in the tourism sector

In order to achieve funding, beneficiaries must follow at least 3 Pills of Knowledge. 

New AI tools are changing the way we do business

AI, Bots and Automation

Learn how you can use new AI tools & bots to automate pretty much anything in your business.

Date: 2023-5-16

Duration: 21,20 min

Partner: NEST

Lecturer: Fernando Jardim

Tourism sector

Best practices of using new communication technologies

Optimizing new communication technologies in tourism for small and medium enterprises, following best practices. 

Date: 2023-5-31

Duration: 14,56 min

Partner: AECH

Lecturers: dr. Domagoj Bebić

Digitalisation in Tourism

Challenges and opportunities of the tourism industry's digital transformation

Get to know digitalization key drivers: technology, economy, and customers, and find out more about digitalization in tourism.

Date: 2023-6-9

Duration: 19,17 min

Partner: DURA

Lecturers: Izidora and Martina

Vritual possibilities

Blockchain opportunities in tourism

Learn about: blockchain opportunities in tourism, Web3 and Metaverse opportunities, and advantages of entering virtual economy.

Date: 2023-6-30

Duration: 20,15 min

Partner: Digital Cluster of Catalonia

Lecturer: Xavier Simó, Inlea


Advancing environmental and social sustainability of tourism SMEs

Learn about role of digitalization in advancing the environmental and social sustainability of tourism SMEs. 

Date: 2023-7 

Duration: 19,55 min

Partner: UPUHH

Lecturer: Neda Telišman Košuta, STHS

Smart Tourism

Innovation with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Watch short video about Innovation with the Internet of Things. 

Date: 2023-9-28 

Duration: 15,40 min

Partner: MBB

Lecturer: Mais Taha, MTIPX


Empowering Tourism with 5G

Watch short video and found out what is 5G, which tourism apps are boosted by 5G, what are benefits and challenges of 5G and many more. 

Date: 2023-10-17 

Duration: 18,25 min

Partner: Cluster Turismo Extremadura

Lecturer: Marino Linaje

Accessibility, Sustainability, Digitalisation, Culture Heritage

Smart Destination

Watch new pills of knowledge about and learn about smart destination. Find out how to be more sustainable, accessible and much more. 

Date: 2023-11-06 

Duration: 24,11 min

Partner: Federturismo

Lecturer: Edoardo Colombo

Technology application

Tourism and Digital Twins Technologies

In this pill of knowledge: learn about tourism 4.0, digital twins technologies and find out which main tourism applications are based on digital twin.

Date: 2023-11-14 

Duration: 29,15min

Partner: Málaga TechPark

Lecturer: Victor F. Muñoz Department of System Engineering and Automation University of Malaga (Spain)

The Tourism4.0 project provides capacity building, technology transfer, support and assistance programme for tourism SMEs to help them adopt and leverage emerging digital technologies to improve their productivity, sustainability and business performance.

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